The idea of Arte-N was elicited from an unquenchable thirst of passion and ambition. It took birth inside the minds of an ambitious Manchester-based family whose unprecedented love for luxurious furniture and opulent interior designing led them to leave their insipid lives behind and transformed them into a group of lavish and successful entrepreneurs.

With partnerships with premium factories and manufacturers in Europe, Arte-N is able to have a vast range of top quality and uniquely designed pieces of furniture. With over 30 distinct collections, the company provides the impeccable blend of modern and elegant furniture that is further divided within various categories to cater to the needs and preferences of each user. Some of these include highly sophisticated designs for the living rooms and bedrooms while vibrant and quirky ones for the kids.

Although Arte-N was predominantly managed by its founding family in its developing stages, the company has grown exponentially in the last 4 years and is fortunate enough to have talented enthusiasts from nationwide join its journey. With a formidable size of skilled team members, Arte-N is proud to be one of the greatest furniture wholesalers in the whole of Britain. Our professional customer service and 24/7 support have been a tremendous contributing factor to building long-lasting and loyal relationships with customers nationwide.

As we look to the future, our primary objective is to keep striving to provide the highest quality of furniture to our customers and expand throughout the country with branches in every single state and city. Our vision is to be the sole dominant force in the furniture industry and we are confident that we can achieve this not just with our hard work but also with the satisfaction of our customers.

Keeping the persevering nature of our founding family in mind, we are humble enough to credit the majority of our success to our wonderful team and staff members, our strong relationships with our customers and suppliers and, our incessant endeavour to stay up to date with the most latest trends in the industry so that what our clients receive is nothing short of the most modern piece of furniture.