Mini Entertainment Unit

Width: 200cm
Colour: White Gloss


  • 3 COLOURS available - click HERE to view all options


  • Whole Unit:

Dimensions of the whole unit: W200cm x H190cm x D45cm

This set includes:

- 2 x Display Cabinets

- 2 x Shelves

- 2 x TV Cabinet with pull-down door

- 1 x Add-on storage unit for a TV cabinet


  • Display Cabinet:

- Dimensions: W40cm x H120 x D29cm

- Glassdoor on MDF frame

- 3 shelves behind each door - 1 of them made of glass

- Powered LED lighting is included


  • TV Cabinet with pull-down door

- Dimensions: W100cm x H34cm x D45cm

- MDF pull-down door front

- 2 storage spaces


  • Shelf

- Dimensions: W100cm x H20cm x D20cm

  • Add-on storage unit for a TV cabinet

- Dimensions: W100cm x H18cm x D30cm

- 2 Storage spaces


  • MDF Fronts
  • Matching furniture available
  • The carcass is made from 16mm high-quality laminated board
  • The total weight - 95kg
  • Wall unit will be packed in 4 boxes on the delivery



  • Gloss finish to brighten up the room and gives it a sleek look
  • A lot of storage space
  • Durable fronts that will last you for years
  • A powered LED on hung cabinets

* Fixings for wall mounting will not be included as you need ones specific for your type of wall.



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